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Well, it’s been more than 7 years since I’ve blogged, but I’ve collected a pretty large list of topics. But first, some people and and projects deserve credit for my fancy new site. Stay tuned for actual content.


I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with go lately, primarily due to increasing use of Kubernetes. Since Hugo is written in go and we’re using it for our website at Olark, I thought it would be a good excuse to check it out.

Academic Theme

Since I’m a bad designer, I needed to use an off-the-shelf theme. Hugo has a lot of themes available, and I settled on the Academic theme. It’s a nice combination of a single-page homepage with a bio and sections for portfolio items, but also includes separate pages for each subsection.

GCS Deploy

I stole my GCS deploy from this blog post, and added gsutil rsync functionality.

.PHONY: all clean watch help deploy

HUGO := hugo
GSUTIL := gsutil
WEBSITE_URL := brandon.dimcheff.com

# All input files
FILES=$(shell find content layouts static themes -type f)

# Below are PHONY targets
all: public

	@echo "Usage: make <command>"
	@echo "  all     Builds the blog and minifies it"
	@echo "  clean   Cleans all build files"
	@echo "  watch   Runs hugo in watch mode, waiting for changes"
	@echo ""
	@echo "New article:"
	@echo "  hugo [-k kind] new post/the_title"
	@echo "  $$EDITOR content/post/the_title.md"
	@echo "  make watch"
	@echo "  open "

	-rm -rf public

watch: clean
	$(HUGO) server -w

# Below are file based targets
public: $(FILES) config.toml

	# process files here if necessary

	# Ensure the public folder has it's mtime updated.
	touch $@

deploy: public
	$(GSUTIL) -m rsync -R public gs://$(WEBSITE_URL)
Brandon Dimcheff
Chief Architect

Brandon Dimcheff is a software engineer born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He uses go for his day job, has fallen in love with Kubernetes, is an aspiring functional programming language nerd, and is an advocate of open source.

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